15 things that go through your head after posting your first blog

Source: 15 things that go through your head after posting your first blog


Was your job transferred?

This is a question I get asked whenever I tell someone that we have just moved here from out of state.

I think it’s interesting and highlights our safe mindsets. Which is exactly why we moved.

Let’s backtrack a little. This past year, hubby and I made a gigantic leap of faith. We decided to move from Minneapolis, MN to Southern California. We sold our house, packed up our kidlets, drove cross-country with zero road trip plan (which in hindsight was incredibly dumb, especially trying to traverse the mid-west during Sturgess. We are idiots.) and landed here with no house and no jobs lined up.

“You left your family?”

“You don’t have a job lined up!?”

“Won’t you miss it?”

Yes. Correct. Yes.

It’s been hard. It’s been exciting. It’s been excruciatingly painful. It’s been full of joy. One minute I want to run back to my beautiful mid-west with it’s gorgeous reds and oranges and crisp autumn air and it’s beautiful silvery winters. Other times I relish in the palm tree breezes and mountain vistas. and can never imagine leaving. It’s a work in progress. We get asked why we did it. We have some basic, pragmatic answers to satiate the polite questioner, such as the fact that we have family here which made the leap of faith easier to sustain, and the fact that Minnesota winters are brutal and soul-sucking and we desperately wanted to escape them. Other answers include how little our girls are and how easier it will be for them to adapt now rather than later in their childhood. But the root of it is passion. Adventure. Embracing this giant wonderful world we live in. Exploring. And to include our girls. To not wait until they are grown and out of the house. To involve them and be living role models of a family that can do anything together. To open their hearts to change. To help them embrace the critical skill of adaptation. To help pave a road in their future where they will take leaps of faith and build a life around their dreams because they saw their parents do it.

“Was your job transferred?”

It makes me sad that to make a gargantuan change in our lives something logical, something out of our control even, must be involved. Why can we not choose just to choose?

At our going away party somebody teasingly said “You’ll be back.”

I smiled hugely and genuinely and simply said “You’re right. We might.”

The question felt taunting, like we were setting ourselves up for failure. Like moving home at any point in our lives would be admitting a colossal mistake. That to retreat would be shameful, embarrassing.

But oh how wrong that is.  We are fully embracing this world and that includes the place of our upbringing which will always be home. And if we travel back, it would be beautiful and wonderful and a rightful part of our story.

But we do not know if we will travel back. If we will stay in California. If we will follow one of the girls to their state of choice. But it is so beautiful to dream and wonder. It is wonderful because it is unwritten.